Château de Commarin

Exhibition Totems Kevin Pearsh

Born from the meeting-of-minds between Burgundian based Australian artist Kevin Pearsh and the owners of the Chateau de Commarin sprung the idea for an artistic project in the spectacular setting of the castle’s moat. At the heart of this exhibition, one finds the subject of water, the source of life, which has nourished the earth and its inhabitants since time immemorial. In this magnificent setting, the Château de Commarin’s moat evokes the essence of the Ganges River, symbolic image and recurring theme in the works of artist Kevin Pearsh.
The 11 Totems installed around the moat and park offer one a spiritual journey, an invitation to let one’s spirit wander, and the exhibition conjures up a link between two worlds, experienced through mirrorlike reflections. Kevin Pearsh’s artistic installation offers those strolling around the castle a colorfully rich cultural experience. A dreamlike effect is achieved by a juxtaposition of the solidity of Totems set in the moat against the stunning backdrop of the castle, adorned by the harmoniously soft and natural movements of shimmering water.
This outdoor exhibition invites visitors to discover or rediscover the Chateau de Commarin via a unique focus on the reflections, colors, and character of water. Flashes of light on raw metal are reflected in the moat and encourage one’s own reflections, inspired by this richly significant combination of French architecture and contemporary art.